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After investigating, and, it has been discovered that this website is from Asia and they sell formal dresses that are not from the original designer, but copies that they make based upon a picture. Babaroni has been added to our Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures or pictures from actual people without their permission. These dresses are imitations and not authentic from the actual designer. Buyer beware!


"Just wanting to ask if anyone has had any issues with Babaroni, I am waiting for 3 bridesmaid dressers, costing me $500 australian dollars.. I’m getting emails to tell me I need to pay for postage until they ship. I have already paid postage with my order. Each time I try and email them it gets declined? I’m unable to contact them to find my order, plus weeks ages ago they have given me my tracking number and tells me it’s delivered? I have not received my dressers. The emails don’t seem professional enough to manage a company.. please tell me this isn’t a scam?"

"I’ll start by stating, what a HORRIFIC experience. This business has NO idea how to run efficiently. I chose a dress for 7 of my bridesmaids. One bridesmaids (Thank God!!!) ordered a dress. Not only did the dress look different in person, her hook was missing. There is NO phone number to call, email is the only source of communication. They never provided a refund for her dress, and also tried recommending her to get her dress fixed somewhere else!!! My bridesmaid ended up having to pay for ANOTHER dress plus shipping in order to get her “refund” from the first dress. Please save yourselves from buying off of this disorganized unprofessional website. It’s a shame, they could have had more business. I’m not allowing any of my other bridesmaids to order from this bs."
"My shipment of two swatches and a tie was slightly late, however, after paying £9 delivery for these very small items, I received a separate invoice for postage through customs for £29. Absolutely disgusted that a tie and two swatches have come to nearly £50.
Don't recommend this website for anyone, the service and contact details are terrible and I myself never received an email confirmation or shipping confirmation." has been added to our knock-off dress list. This company ships knock-off dresses from Asia and is trying to take advantage of consumers by selling dresses they claim to be authentic. This store uses images from manufacturers illegally under US copyright law.

Be extra safe when shopping online and do your research before buying from a company that you are not sure of! has been in business since 2009 and is located in Irvine, California. We have served thousands of customers over the years and do our very best to provide great customer service to make sure you get the dress you want in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a formal gown, we have thousands of dresses to choose from. Our store allows you shop by event. All of our dresses are authentic and come directly from the actual designer.

Shop now to find a beautiful and authenic dress for your upcoming event. Give us a call at 714-982-7352 or contact us to inquire about any dress and to verify if it is in stock.

We are happy to help answer any questions you may have and will go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of.

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  • Posted on by Charlene
    Absolutely awful experience with BARBARONI and made looking for bridesmaid a much more stressful experience than it should have been! Bought one bridesmaid dress as a trial (thank god I didn’t buy them all!). We sized up and everything but the dress that arrived was not a 24 but more like a 10. My poor maid of honour couldn’t even get it on. Managed to eventually get a return address (be aware! You will have to pay to return it which for me was £25…good way to deter people from returning it by the way)…4 months later still hadn’t heard anything, eventually had to put a claim in with PayPal which soon got them moving! They eventually offered me a part refund and due to my wedding being in two weeks and still having to go to uni, I didn’t have the time or the mental capacity to keep fighting.

    Apparently everything is in there refund policy but it wasn’t clear and I could find nothing. Please please please, if you want a stress free dress shopping experience, do not buy from here. They have destroyed my mental health through stress and I do not want any other brides going through this!

  • Posted on by Janina

    Do NOT order custom sizing. Per emails with Babaroni customer service, a margin of 3 cm (~1.18 inch) is acceptable. That is a HUGE margin of error for someone who is petite, and also the difference between a dress dragging on the floor or not. My “custom-sized” dress came 2.5" too long, with a large bust. Of note, I shared with Babaroni that I am 5’1" with a 32" bust, so I’m not sure if their seamstresses know what they are doing. Dealing with customer service has also been extremely frustrating and unpleasant; their tone is not great, and they are not willing to refund my dress or send a replacement, as written as options for quality issues on their Return Policy, nor reimburse me for the full cost of alteration. Please choose another company. It’s not worth the headache.

    Also, I just posted a review on their website, and it does not show up. This leads me to believe that the reviews on their website are filtered or fake.

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