How To Create The Best 2020 Makeup Looks


There is no reason why trying new things with makeup should be hard or even scary, especially in 2020. The secret to having fun with your individual beauty routine is, baby steps. Find your favorites and run with them. There’s no pressure to love every trend or be good at everything. Here are a few of the looks that the industry pros think will be gathering momentum at the start of this new decade.

Get Creative with Embellishments

The 2019 HBO show Euphoria showed everyone how easy it can be to get really creative with expressive looks. Being unique and experimental doesn’t have to stay on-screen. It can be as simple as adding some starry glitter or small jewels/crystals to your eyes or cheeks after you’ve settled on your liner and shadows.  Follow some DIY Euphoria inspired makeup looks if you want to show off your individualism while incorporating some quirky charm into your daily look.

Get Creative with Embellishments

Be Bold with Color

There is certainly still a time and a place for minimalism; however, 2020 is the perfect time to continue experimenting with bold colors. Monochromatic makeup and nude tones were all the rage in 2019, but now color blocking (pairing vivid and/or contrasting colors) might be the new wave of 2020. It’s important to understand the difference between organic and inorganic pigments in your products if you want to maintain healthy skin underneath your bold-colored looks. .Any products that are using organic synthetic dyes should be labeled as FDA approved.  The definitions are slightly counter-intuitive, and it is actually inorganic pigments that are found in nature, mineral compounds These naturally occurring mineral compounds are the safest for sensitive skins and are perfect for rich earthy tones.

Update Your Liner

There’s so much more out there than the classic charcoal cat-eye. 2020 will surely see more creativity with eyeliner techniques like floating liner, neon shades, and crisp whites. After you finish applying your eyeshadow, take a white or cream eyeliner and draw a line across your lid. You can take it a little further by making the line into a shape like clouds or wings. If you want a neon liner, draw on a liquid or cream liner first then press in the color, and add lashes to complete the look.

Play in the Shadows

There are unlimited combinations that can create a remarkable eye. Two newer ones to keep in mind for 2020 are big blown-out shadows and inner eye accents. Adding a bold colored or shimmery shadow to just the tear duct of your eyes is an edgy way to make your makeup pop. Alternatively, overblown shadows are another fun way to make a statement. With a bold color and a blending brush, start on the apples of your cheeks, work higher into the temples, and then wrap around your eyes diffusing the colors into the eyeshadow.

It’s All About the Gloss and Glow 

It’s All About the Gloss and Glow

If you love a natural look especially on clear skin days, you will be happy to hear that the glowy, glossy, dewy looks of 2019 probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The biggest key here is finding a skincare regimen that works for you so you can start with a well-moisturized base. Combining the right mix of creamy highlighters, and oils will brighten your face up and have your skin glowing from within. Glossier has some of the best products for an amplified natural look. Tapping clear face gloss or Aquaphor on your lids, the bridge of your nose and cheekbones ads the perfect shine. Finish it off with tinted lip balm or clear, moisturizing gloss on your lips. Overusing coverup and setting powders will make the look cakey or too oily so use sparingly.

Big Brows Are In

This year we have fully switched up the brow game. Just ten years ago, heavily drawn in and “over-plucked brows” were the standard. Now more than ever, a full thick brow is what is most sought after. Plenty of women (and men) still wax and thread to create shape, but having full brows adds an important dimension to your face. More and more makeup artists and celebrities are choosing soft and natural, fluffy brows over the heavily sculpted, faux-arched brows that have been dominating Instagram. Chose a pencil that will give the hairs a soft drop shadow and be sure you’re using a well-matched shade. Follow the shape of your brow in upward strokes rather than lining the horizontally following the perimeter.

Although 2019 may have gotten the self-expression ball rolling, this year is sure to see many more boundary-pushing, avant-garde looks. Be fearless, and try something a bit outside your comfort zone or normal routine. If any of these ideas sparked joy for you, but you’re unsure how to orchestrate them, explore some YouTube or Instagram tutorials to get you started.

Author: Naomi Shaw

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