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DressyWomen.com Review

DressyWomen.com has been known to sell knock-off formal dresses

After investigating DressyWomen.com, it has been discovered that this website is from Asia and they sell formal dresses that are not from the original designer, but copies that they make based upon a picture. DressyWomen has been added to our Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures or pictures from actual people without their permission. These dresses are imitations and not authentic from the actual designer. Buyer beware!


"This company is a fraud. I ordered a dress that I had custom fitted (yeah right) for my daughters wedding. The dress I ordered was supposedly a Athena Crawford designer dress. So I ordered it with my measurements and when I received this dress it was the most hideous piece of clothing. It was completely different color, lines were horrible, didn't fit, it was crooked, so basically it looked like a rag. So I contacted them by email of course, because you cant find a phone number, and they responded like the other reviewers had said, that they don't do returns. So I replied to inform them that just because they say no returns doesn't mean they can get away with selling garbage. It is a total scam. It probably cost them $30.00 to make this dress. I even took a side by side photo of what they sent me and a picture of what I thought I was getting when I ordered it. I wish there was a way to post it here so people can see and stay away from this company. As far as the Athena Crawford portrayal, maybe I should send her company of what this company is saying that they are selling to people. I am not letting it go. It is not so much about the money wasted but what they are getting away with."

"I fell in love with bridesmaids dresses from their site. I am on a tight budget and wanted to make sure I made it easier for my bridesmaids so I ordered 3 dresses dresses are not made according to US sizes they are made in China. When I reached out to compliment them on the dresses and explain that two of them did not fit and if I could PLEASE just exchange them, they responded with barely knowing how to write English and telling me they do not cover returns or exchanges. I had to research how much I would have to pay to send them back I was willing to pay shipping it 218.00 per dress to send back the dresses were only 80 each. They did nothing to help me not I am stuck with two dresses and 160.00 short . It is all good karma is real."

DressyWomen.com has been added to our knock-off dress list. This company ships knock-off dresses from Asia and is trying to take advantage of consumers by selling dresses they claim to be authentic. This store uses images from manufacturers illegally under US copyright law.

Be extra safe when shopping online and do your research before buying from a company that you are not sure of!  


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