DIY Make Up Tips For Teen Girls


By: Naomi Shaw

Makeup is a beautiful thing. Spend a little time at a makeup counter, and you’ll understand how the cosmetics industry has grown into a 62 billion dollar powerhouse. With just a few brushes and palettes, you can beautify your look, boost your confidence, and express your creativity.

When you first start using makeup, you may be so excited that you want to dive in face first. Not only can that lead to some more… “out there” looks, it can lead to some dangerous hygiene habits! Before you paint that mug, check out these makeup tips:

DIY make up tips for teen girls

Keep Your Makeup Fresh

Imagine that you’re poking around the kitchen for a snack. You find some canned peaches that look awfully tasty, but you can’t remember when they were bought. You’d check the expiration date before you ate the peaches, right? When it comes to makeup, the same philosophy should apply.

Old makeup tends to attract all kinds of bacteria. This can lead to infections or skin problems. Expiry dates vary (here’s a guide to break it down), so keep track of when you buy something and when you should toss it. Whatever you do, don’t use expired makeup!

Avoid Flakey Eye Shadow

Bold eye makeup has always been a go-to choice for makeup fanatics - and for good reason. Your eyes are a makeup canvas where you can let loose, experiment with color, and let your inner artiste have a moment. But be careful; that eye shadow could spell big trouble.  

If your makeup has loose particles (especially glitter), you run the risk for infections and other eye damage. Flakes tend to come loose during the day, and if they start on your eyelid, they may end up scratching your cornea. For your safety, just leave the glitter alone.

DIY make up tips for teen girls

Clean Those Brushes (and Don’t Share Them, Either)

If you wear makeup, you’ve probably given at least one friend a makeover. Practicing makeup with your friends is a great way to share tips and try out new looks. But if you want to avoid sharing germs with your girls, you should stick to your own brushes.

Cleaning your brushes regularly is another important part of makeup safety. Once again, we’re trying to avoid all that nasty bacteria that can accumulate over time, but clean brushes have aesthetic benefits, too. Your eye shadow color will look much nicer without a week’s worth of colors mixed in!

Buy From Brands You Trust

As much fun as makeup can be, it’s also full of chemicals and fillers you probably don’t want on your face. Be sure you read the labels on any product you buy, and do your best to steer clear of products that use chemicals like triclosan or paraben.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the makeup you buy is clean and safe, organizations like the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have your back. Learn which chemicals to avoid - and which companies don’t use them - and you’ll have a better, healthier makeup supply in no time!

If It’s “Not Safe For Children,” It’s Not Safe For You

I know, I know, you’re not a kid anymore. But if a product is labeled “not safe for kids,” it’s probably not safe for anyone. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for hair dye, shampoos, or nail polish. Think about it - do you really want to breathe in all those fumes?

Instead, look for products that don’t have perfumes or added scents. You can even take the all-natural route further and make your own cosmetics at home! DIY makeup can be a fun project, and it will ensure that you always have your shade of foundation or eye shadow!

DIY make up tips for teen girls

Ultimately, makeup is about self-expression and finding the look that makes you feel your best. However, when your makeup collection is full of safe and natural products, you’ll find that your skin is cleaner and healthier. You’ll have the confidence to rock a full-faced or a fresh-faced look!

Whether you make your own foundation, buy a palette from Sephora, or grab the first mascara you see at the drugstore, proper hygiene is critical when it comes to keeping your makeup safe. Always close the lids or caps on your products, and remember to keep your brushes and sponges clean - your skin and your eyes will thank you.

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