Rossen Reports: Teens Scammed with Fake Prom Dresses      
Our customers are very important to us, which is why we would like to make you aware of Fraud, Scam, Fake, not Legit, Counterfeit and Knock Off websites typically from Asia that are not credible. They have been known to make flawed copies of designer dresses or they never fulfill an order. Reviews for the websites below have been found to be a scam.

A really good article written by INSIDE EDITION investigating counterfeit/scam formal gowns.

All of the dresses we sell are authentic and directly from the designer themselves. We have also been approved by TopPromWebsites to help ensure trust with us. You will not get a cheap knock off dress from us, but you will from the companies below. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. Download the complete list of websites (over 4500).

Report and let us know if you come across a scam dress site that is not on our list.

6 RED FLAGS in a Counterfeit/Scam Dress Website
  1. You can choose any color you want.
  2. Custom tailor your size.
  3. Taylor time of 10-25 days.
  4. Much cheaper than normal.
  5. Fake (non-working) seals (i.e. Norton, McAfee, Trustwave).
  6. No telephone number (the biggest one of all)
If you see one of the sites on our list, we highly caution you NOT TO BUY from them.
Don't look like a train wreck. Dress Scams
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Although these sites are located in the
US, they have received quite a bit
of negative feedback.


These sites below typically advertise on google
ads and are still active selling. Be very cautious!
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* Indicates they are advertising in Google Ads and Yahoo Ads in website search results

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