How to Get Ready for Homecoming


How to Get Ready for Homecoming

By: Naomi Shaw

A new school year has begun and that inevitably means football games, pep rallies, and Homecoming. In the past, this time honored tradition was often a casual dance to celebrate our school pride. However, within recent years Homecoming has been evolving into an increasingly more formal affair. This shift ultimately means there is more pressure to find the perfect dress, look amazing, and have an amazing night to remember with our friends.

To help relieve a bit of the stress from the week long celebration and culminating dance, scroll through the following checklist loaded with helpful hints and tips to get ready for Homecoming without losing our cool:

Be involved. Homecoming is typically filled with a variety of school-sponsored activities and opportunities to show pride in your school. Be supportive, do your part, and make priceless memories in the process. Just remember to be realistic and don’t over schedule yourself. Give yourself permission to attend the pep rally, help decorate for the dance, and cheer the team on during the game. It’s fun- we promise!

Find the perfect dance partners! We stress a lot about finding a date, but Homecoming should be about being hanging out with your friends and classmates. If you don’t have a special someone or crush, take a deep breath and relax. You can always ask a friend or go with a group of your favorite pals. It really doesn’t matter who you go with, as long as you have fun and enjoy the night.

Remember to purchase the tickets! Many schools now require students to buy tickets ahead of time. After you have figured out who you will be attending the dance with, make sure one of you are going to get the tickets so no one misses out on the festivities.

Arrange appointments early. Many of us want to look our best for the big night and photo ops that are waiting. If you plan on having your hair, nails, or makeup done, make sure to schedule the appointments now. The same goes for tanning or self-tanning sessions. If you wait too long, you might not get an ideal time slot.

Choose the right makeup. Whether you glam it up with a bold look or keep it neutral, make sure you apply a primer and a little powder to keep your face fresh and photogenic all night. Also, consider a good waterproof mascara to prevent any running mishaps after a night of energetic dancing. No one wants “coon” eyes to ruin their great evening.

Make a schedule. Sit down a few days before the dance and jot down an itinerary of events so you are not rushed or late for any appointments. This will help you get organized and relieve a lot of unneeded stress. Take this time to figure out carpools or rides so you don’t have to worry about limited parking spaces and it will be more convenient for everyone. Also, if you are going with a notoriously late friend or date, make sure to share your plans with each other so everyone is on time.

Slay with a killer dress! Homecoming is usually less formal than prom and that allows us to have a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing a dress. Choose one that highlights your personality and is something you can move around in easily. You may want to consider looking for a dress with hidden pockets to make carrying your phone and other essentials easier during the evening. No matter what style you choose, make sure you purchase a dress from a reliable retailer like the Discount Dress Shop to avoid shipping delays, wonky sizing, and cheap knockoffs.

How to Get Ready for Homecoming 

Get plenty of rest the night before. It might be tempting to stay up late to catch up on homework or binge watch a favorite show. However, the day of the dance is going to be a blast, but it is also a late night. Making sure you get enough sleep will help you prepare for the long night and reduce the chance of unsightly under-eye circles.

Charge your cellphone! Make sure you bring a fully charged phone so you can take advantage of all those photo ops with your besties and classmates. It is also a good idea to be prepared, just in case you need to call a friend or parent for a safe ride home.

Remember to be yourself and have fun! One of the most attractive qualities a person can exhibit is self confidence, emotional intelligence, and self awareness. Don’t waste this special night worrying, step out and be your fun-loving self. Afterall, these are the moments that make great memories.

How are you planning on getting ready for Homecoming this year?

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