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Creative Holiday Gifts

by Naomi Shaw 12 Dec 2017 0 Comments

Creative Holiday Gifts

By: Naomi Shaw

Time is running out for holiday shopping…and to check off your gift-buying list! There is almost always one or two on the list that make buying the perfect gift difficult. Maybe they have everything or perhaps they are just really picky.

While the holiday season should be about family and finding the joy in life; we all know that gift exchanges tend to dominate the season…and add to the stress! So if you’re still questioning what to buy for those on your list, we’re going to take the guesswork out of the perfect presents. Here are six great gifts that will make checking off your list a snap:

The Perfect Dress

Someone on your list loves dresses…we just know it! So buy them a dress at Discount Dress Shop and pick out something special in their size. You may even find the perfect tiara on our site for the princess in your life! And forget about missing the holiday sales! We have Black Friday deals all December…so that perfect gift also will be budget friendly!

Bath Beauty

From bath bombs to shower gel…everyone needs to get clean, right! So whether it’s for him or her, pick out fun bath items that they would never buy for themselves. Hunt down bath bombs that explode with fun glitter or release soothing creamy skin goodness into the bath. Choose shower gels or creams in their favorite scents. Or buy him an awesome shave kit that features after shave cream or other must-haves. If you’re worried about choosing the perfect scent, remember that there are many products that are unscented.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the easiest gifts, but it’s sometimes best not to opt for a specialty store. The Motley Fool recommends gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target or Best Buy. These stores offer a wide variety of options for different price points. There really is something for everyone! Of course, if you know the recipient loves movies or a certain store, more specialized gift cards are still appropriate.

Creative Holiday Gifts

Kitchen Ware

Sometimes the perfect gift is a simple solution. For your favorite cook, opt for kitchen gadgets. Maybe new cookware or the latest must-have. If he or she collects a certain dishware pattern, select a few new pieces.


Sometimes the way to the heart is through the stomach. If you can’t think of the ideal present, opt for something edible. Gift baskets filled with a selection of nuts or fruits, chocolates or even gourmet coffees. The Washington Post and Consumer Reports also recommend maple products from Maple Guild.

Creative Holiday Gifts


For your best friend, significant other or sibling, go all out with specialized jewelry. Choose a birthstone necklace or bracelet. Or opt for something unique like a pendant necklace that features the moon phase from the day they were born. Of course, the holidays are also the ideal time to propose…we’re just dropping that hint!

An experience

Still unsure what to gift? Try something out of the box and gift an experience. Maybe your friend has always wanted to go parasailing or drive a race car. Maybe they never splurge on an expensive haircut or a massage. Choose an experience that speaks to their personality…and take them by surprise.

No matter what you buy for the holidays, just make sure that the gift comes from the heart. Don’t make a last-minute run to the drugstore for some meaningless figurine. Think ahead of the holiday, and find a gift that has meaning and shows thought. There is the perfect gift for everyone on your list…you just have to find it!



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