Creative Bridal Shower Ideas


By: Naomi Shaw

Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Today’s brides are hipper, more progressive, and interested in doing their own thing.  Although they honor the tradition of marriage, they want their wedding journey to be individually their own and to make a statement that is singularly theirs. They don’t want the standard, run of the mill, done-it-a-thousand-times shower. They want something new.  Try some of these ideas on for size. Perhaps one of them will create the perfect shower for the bride-to-be.

A Green Gala - Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

A Green Gala

We don’t mean using the color green for all the decor, we’re talking about leaving a small carbon footprint. Being eco-friendly could be an excellent theme for the bride who shops organic, recycles everything possible, tries to live in an environmentally friendly manner. Think paperless invitations and minimal frills.  A garden setting would be perfect. Instead of elaborate glamour for decor, go naturalistic with organic cotton tablecloths and napkins, and silverware tied with lavender and twine. Cater in an organic, farm-to-table menu with vegan or gluten-free treats for dessert. Show appreciation for your guests with a gift of tree saplings, soy candles, or dried lavender sachets or essential oils.


A Potluck Party

This idea combines a DIY vibe with a nostalgic home-is-where-the-heart is feel.  Instead of catering in a gourmet meal, have each guest bring their favorite dish to share along with the recipe printed on a card.  Gather them all in cute recipe box to present to the bride with gifts of table linens, cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets. This is perfect for the bride that loves to cook but still needs a little assistance. If all goes well, you might get invited back for a dinner party.

The Honeymoon Soiree

One of the most anticipated parts of the wedding is the honeymoon. Find out where the happy couple is headed, and plan the shower around the destination.  For example, if the couple is going to a tropical location, plan a luau with some traditional fare and tropical beverages. If they’re going to the mountains, have a rustic theme. Venice? Serve an authentic Italian feast with regional wine. Guests can combine forces and present the couple with gift certificates for couples massages, a daily excursion, or a glamorous gourmet meal at their destination. Start the honeymoon early and help it be more memorable.

Food - Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

The Sweet Wishes Shower

For this party, there is no such thing as too sweet. Focus on a dessert menu with everything from a soft serve ice cream sundae bar to cakes and cookies, or from the bride’s favorite dessert to a sweet candy bar. Have a large picture mat mounted on an easel for guests to write their “sweet wishes” on for the bride and groom.  After the ceremony, the hostess can have the bride’s favorite wedding picture enlarged and framed with the mat, giving the couple a permanent memoir of their friends’ wishes and love for them on their special day.

A Fragrant Festival

Shower the bride with lovely scents and some aromatic pampering. The focus should be on feminine florals and delicate fragrances. Use fresh flowers to decorate and have guests create their own signature scents, essentials oils, and scrubs. Gift registry ideas could include spa items for the bathroom, custom towels and linens, or gift certificates to a local spa.

Whichever theme you choose, make sure it focuses on the bride. The shower is the start to her wedding experience, and you want it to be memorable, unique, and especially designed just for her. With careful planning and thoughtful attention to detail, you can give your bride the perfect shower.

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