8 Accessories Every Woman Should Own


Do you own awesome accessories? Well, you should. Rachel Zoe, designer and stylist to the Hollywood stars said this: "Accessories are everything. To me, they’re more important than the clothes." She's right. When you have some fab accessories, you can create a number of ensembles that are unique, head-turning, and show off your signature style. Our shopping pros have a list of "8 Accessories Every Woman Should Own." Start elevating your look now!

1. Handsome Handbag

Do you prefer a structured bag or maybe one that is vintage or a bit soft and boho-chic?

Whatever your preference, make sure to have a gorgeous handbag that reflects your style and lets your outfits pop.

Jennifer Lopez is a fine example of a star who always gets her fashion look on point all the way down to her stylish bags. She even carries a pricey Hermes Birkin with a cropped hoodie and sweats.

No matter your budget, you can choose from all kinds of sizes, materials, and styles in handbags.

2. Stunning Shoes

Oh, yeah, people check out your shoes, so don't neglect your footwear. Your shoes should be comfy but also provide function and fashion.

The latest trends are pointing to kitten heels, which offer an elegant edge to glamorous thigh-high boots and sexy tie-up sandals.

Even a pair of white sneakers can take you pretty far and can be paired with all kinds of outfits for a classic and casual look.

3. Optic Perfection

The eyes have optic perfection and not only when it comes to fabulous sunglasses. Eyewear accessories are hotter than ever and having the right style that complements your glasses can enhance your personal style every time.

From a timeless pair of aviator shades to cat-eye reading glasses or a sophisticated pair of blue light glasses for work, make your fashion note with optic perfection.

4. Stylish Hat

Hats aren't just for summertime to keep the blazing sun out of your eyes. In fact, a great-looking hat is a wonderful accessory and can also hide a bad hair day.

Try several on to find one that complements your features and head. Maybe you look gorgeous with a wide brim or with a bucket style or a knit cap.

The bucket style is still going strong, and stars such as Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, Rihanna, and many others enjoy this flattering hat.

5. Bodacious Belt

Belts are always a welcome accessory and can transform many outfits from plain to wow. Invest in a few belts, and watch your figure get an amazing definition that highlights your curves.

Trends come and go, but a slim belt in a neutral shade is a classic that you can reach for at any time. Or choose a timeless chain belt for a fashionable accessory.

Corset belts are a sizzling trend and can add drama and create the illusion of a small waist on just about any garment you choose.

6. Wrap/Scarf

Talk about a versatile accessory that never goes out of style; the scarf and/or wrap can elevate an ensemble in an instant.

It's a simple piece of fabric that creates polish to a casual look of leggings and a tunic. Or it can be wrapped around the neck for glam chicness and warmth.

Throw on a scarf or wrap, and you're good to go. Choose a pretty pattern or pop of color, and one in cashmere makes it super sophisticated.

7. Favorite Jewelry

When you put on jewelry, it gives elegance to any type of outfit, and we all have personal style when it comes to metals, gemstones, and the beautiful pieces we like to adorn ourselves with.

Have fun with jewelry. It can make a major statement or blend quietly with your ensemble.

8. Leggings/Tights

This classic pair can give you tons of styling options. A pair of leggings or tights in black flatter every figure at any age and streamline your look.

You can wear them with a tunic, blazer, under a dress, etc.

Don't forget the accessories, ladies. These dynamite pieces should always be ready to go in your wardrobe. Accessories create fun, fashion options that anyone can wear.

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