• How To Create The Best 2020 Makeup Looks

    How To Create The Best 2020 Makeup Looks
    There is no reason why trying new things with makeup should be hard or even scary, especially in 2020. The secret to having fun with your individual beauty routine is, baby steps. Find your favorites and run with them. There’s no pressure to love every trend or be good at everything. Here are a few of the looks that the industry pros think will...
  • How to Prepare For Your Prom?

    How to Prepare For Your Prom?
    By: Naomi Shaw It’s prom season, and that means that teens everywhere are dressing up and hitting the town. Like most kids, you’ve probably been dreaming about prom for years - what you’d wear, who you’d take, how you’ll win the coveted “Prom King” or “Prom Queen” crown. Now that the big day is here, we’ve got some tips to help you get ready!...
  • DIY Make Up Tips For Teen Girls

    DIY Make Up Tips For Teen Girls
    By: Naomi Shaw Makeup is a beautiful thing. Spend a little time at a makeup counter, and you’ll understand how the cosmetics industry has grown into a 62 billion dollar powerhouse. With just a few brushes and palettes, you can beautify your look, boost your confidence, and express your creativity. When you first start using makeup, you may be so excited that you want...
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