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After investigating, it has been discovered that this website is from Asia and they sell formal dresses that are not from the original designer, but copies that they make based upon a picture. IndieFit has been added to our Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures or pictures from actual people without their permission. These dresses are imitations and not authentic from the actual designer. We have personally received many calls from people who have never received their order. Buyer beware!


"I really tried to give this website the benefit of the doubt and really trusted that they would deliver, but I really wish I would have listened to the reviews. To begin, the dress advertised was not the dress I received. There were clearly things missing (example: lace at certain areas) and multiple design flaws. When contacting customer service, I was instructed to send photographs outlining each issue - but, they really don't care - instead they said the dress looked "fine" and to "have a nice day!" - completely ignoring my complaints and the issues with the dress. The dress was "fine" according to their awful reproduction, but things were clearly missing/not the dress I ordered. Once they receive your money, they have no reason to follow through. They are located in China so they essentially DGAF because they can hide behind a computer screen. It's clear that they take popular designs and try to recreate it using cheap materials and terrible manufacturing. I'm at a loss of $250.00 and have a garbage dress I'll never wear - hoping this review will save you from the headache."
"We purchased a prom dress for our daughter. It is made very cheaply and is poor quality. They claim 100% satisfaction guaranteed, but when we asked for a return authorization number, they would not provide one saying that their country does not like to import clothing. They tried to get me to keep the dress and take a discount instead. I have sent at least 10 emails demanding the return authorization number, but each time they refuse to send it. They are a scam, and if you don't like your dress you are stuck with it. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!! There is no honor in them and they do not keep their word." has been added to our knock-off dress list. This company ships knock-off dresses from Asia and is trying to take advantage of consumers by selling dresses they claim to be authentic. This store uses images from manufacturers illegally under US copyright law.

Be extra safe when shopping online and do your research before buying from a company that you are not sure of! has been in business since 2009 and is located in Irvine, California. We have served thousands of customers over the years and do our very best to provide great customer service to make sure you get the dress you want in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a formal gown, we have thousands of dresses to choose from. Our store allows you shop by event. All of our dresses are authentic and come directly from the actual designer.

Shop now to find a beautiful and authenic dress for your upcoming event. Give us a call at 714-982-7352 or contact us to inquire about any dress and to verify if it is in stock.

We are happy to help answer any questions you may have and will go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of.


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6 comentários

  • Postado em porPauline Skorupa
    SCAM, advertised the blouses were made and shipped in USA. I reached out several times and no response. When I finally received the blouses they were made in CHINA
  • Postado em porBecky Davenport
    This company is a complete scam! Once I finally received my merchandise (over $100 worth of paper-thin dresses and tops), I reached out to them to tell them I wanted to send the items back because they were such poor quality. Sara offered me about half of what I paid and said to keep the products because of the price to return. I refused the offer and she went up to $72….final offer. I accepted the offer because I was tired of dealing with them and she said the payment would be refunded in a few days. It has almost been a month and I still did not receive my refund or credit to my PayPal account. I have reached out 3 more times advising I hadn’t received any refund, but they no longer respond. I filed a Complaint with PayPal, but my request for a refund was denied. What a racket!
  • Postado em porDonna Nickson

    I echo the previous comments. Likewise I saw advertisement on Facebook, it took forever to receive my order and once received; items looked cheap and are not made well. I’m trying to return now.

  • Postado em porLisa

    When I ordered from this company, I ordered from Facebook. The company name was Dress Fashion,, but when my paypal was charged it was actually IndieFit. So, I do recommend either one or these companies. The package was from Hong Kong,. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. The website offered full refund, guess what??? DID NOT happen!! I wasted $117. Just a warning, DO NOT ORDER FROM INDIEFIT, DRESS FASHION, or any other of these FAKE NAMED CO. It also took over 2 months for delivery of the Polyester Junk.

  • Postado em porLisa
    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM SITE. Dresses look like cheap Halloween costumes. No customer service. Will not accept returns…From Hong Kong. CHEAP POLYESTER JUNK.

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