Yoga Bridal Routine

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By: Naomi Shaw


Our wedding day, and the months leading up to it, can hit us with an avalanche of emotions and leave us feeling drained both mentally and emotionally. From the pressure of having everything turn out perfect, to the headaches that are the seating arrangements, certain family members, and the financial splurge involved, weddings are usually less dreamy and more stressful.

This is why, if for no other reason in your life, having a yoga routine during your bridal months is essential to your state of mind, so that you can look like a Zen bride on your wedding day, and not like one who looks drained and overwhelmed by everything.

Yoga is more than another form of exercise. Studies have shown that yoga helps to reduce anxiety and depression, it helps us to focus, to be more calm and to live a more present-oriented life. Creating a yoga bridal routine for yourself will turn out to be as important as the florist you choose and the caterer you go for.

The following are a few tips on how you can incorporate yoga into your hectic wedding planning months.

Start early

It takes more than one session to start feeling the benefits of yoga so you cannot leave it for the last week before your wedding. Start practicing yoga early, as soon as you set your wedding date and do it regularly. You could assign two mornings or more on your calendar for yoga time.

Make it a priority

An effective yoga routine will only work if you make it a priority. Find the best time where you can dedicate a half an hour to an hour to do yoga. Determine the number of days you can make time for it and try not to miss a session simply because you feel too tired or you don’t feel like it. Yoga is a low intensity workout and regardless of how you are feeling — whether you’re angry, sad, overwhelmed or frustrated — it will help you channel these emotions in a calmer environment.

Yoga Bridal Routine

Start small

Don’t go from a beginner to a yogi in a week by choosing the hardest poses that will only put you off yoga. Start small, find a class for beginners and let your teacher guide you through the poses. If you don’t have time to drive to class, you can find a great yoga routine for beginners and then gradually build on these poses as you advance.

Follow your schedule

Remember that this is about you benefiting from yoga. Yoga is not a competitive sport and so you should not start comparing yourself to others and their abilities. Follow your own schedule both in your abilities and the time you do yoga. Trust that you will master certain poses in your own time. Moreover, if you don’t have time for an hour of yoga on any given day, then find a 20-minute routine that you can do on a daily basis.

It is not part of your to-do list

There are many things during your wedding planning months that you will be crossing off from your to-do list but yoga should not be one of these things. More than another chore that has to be done, as with other things, yoga should become a part of your lifestyle — that daily feel good factor that you start looking for, even after your wedding day is over.

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