• Indoor and At-Home Exercises Ideas

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    Indoor and At-Home Exercises Ideas
    Working out is not always an appealing idea in the best of times, and while the current pandemic may have squashed your desire to get in shape, health has never mattered more than right now. We should all be focused on improving our health during these turbulent and stressful times. No matter how comfortable your bed is, it is time to get up and...
  • Tips to Cope With Stress During the Pandemic

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    Tips to Cope With Stress During the Pandemic
    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected all of us. Millions of people have switched to remote work, and millions of children are learning from home to slow the spread of the virus. We are being asked to wear masks when out in public and social distance to keep the people around us safe. While these health recommendations and guidelines are for the good...
  • Yoga Bridal Routine

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    Yoga Bridal Routine
    By: Naomi Shaw Our wedding day, and the months leading up to it, can hit us with an avalanche of emotions and leave us feeling drained both mentally and emotionally. From the pressure of having everything turn out perfect, to the headaches that are the seating arrangements, certain family members, and the financial splurge involved, weddings are usually less dreamy and more stressful. This...
  • 10 Steps To Get Your Body Wedding-Ready

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    10 Steps To Get Your Body Wedding-Ready
    March 21, 2017Naomi Shaw Every bride knows that on her wedding day, she will be the center of attention. This upcoming attention inspires many women to boost their diet and exercise routines in the weeks coming up to their wedding. And when we say “many women,” we mean it - a Cornell University study found that 70 percent of engaged women they polled wanted...
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