Spring Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2022

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Spring 2022 is on the horizon. While it's nice to enjoy the beauty of winter's snowfall and dream of summer days by the pool, don't forget about the fun you can have in the springtime. This is especially true as it pertains to spring fashion. As you curate your spring wardrobe, keep an eye out for some of the most trendy items to try during Spring 2022. 

1. Oversized Suit Jackets and Blazers

Spring is such a transitional season in most parts of the country. The weather can be as cold as winter some days. On others, it's clear that summer is around the corner. To cope with the cold days, put on an oversized blazer as those continue to remain in style. When it comes to blazers, go big or go home. You can't go wrong by heading to the menswear section of any thrift store to find a great blazer. To increase the fashion quotient, pair it with ultra-feminine pieces underneath. Whether it's a fitted crop top or a lace-detailed blouse, mix the masculine with the feminine in this trend. 

2. All-White

Typically, all-white ensembles are reserved for brides or all-white parties. If you have a wedding to attend, don't wear an all-white ensemble unless the couple makes that request. Otherwise, if you're heading to brunch with some friends or enjoying a day with your family, pair white garments together in order to create a clean, fresh look for the springtime. White is an easy color to find when you're perusing through women's apparel. From boots to trench coats, consider the white as the new black as you shop for the season. 

3. Catsuit/Jumpsuit

Though the classic catsuit continues to make appearances on photoshoots and music videos, this is one of the first times that it's included in the lineup of everyday wear for women. While it takes a ton of confidence to rock a catsuit, it certainly makes a bold and fun fashion statement. Whether you choose to wear a monochromatic option or printed choice, enjoy your body as you wear it. 

4. Fringe

The effortless movement of fringe pieces allows a woman to look fun and free. Fringe is easy to incorporate into a wardrobe. Keep an eye out for fringe t-shirts or blouses with fringe-sleeved details. Fringe pieces have a feathery effect to them so it works really well in the form of dresses as well. If you don't want to make a bold statement yet still long for the trend, look for purses or jewelry that showcase fringe details. 

5. Tailored Shorts

While cutoff shorts have their place in the fashion world, leave them for the summer months if you choose to wear them. During the spring months, tailored shorts are taking center stage as the style for showcasing legs. Tailored shorts look great with a pair of heels, sandals or sneakers. They're very versatile in that way. Depending on the vibe of the workplace, they can even work well in some professional settings. 

6. Athleisure Wear

As more people sink comfortably into the work-from-home lifestyle, they desire trends that mix comfort and style. Athleisure wear is the perfect combination of both. If you're a person who practically lives in the gym, you'll always have a stylish outfit to wear in various colors. If you like to be comfortable and look like you've been to the gym, athleisure wear is still a great option. With a fun pair of sneakers and the right baseball cap, it's very easy to create an athleisure look that's great for a coffee run, a gym run, or a coffee shop run. 

7. Wide-Leg Pants

Back in 2020 and 2021, many people dethroned skinny jeans for looser styles. Now, people continue to long for looser styles in the form of wide-leg pants. Begin to collect wide-legged jeans and trouser pants. When they're tailored to fit your body, they can provide the perfect mix of comfort and structure to pull a look together. 


As you work toward creating the perfect springtime wardrobe, always remember to mix and match. You don't want to bombard your closet with any particular trend. As you mix classic pieces with some of the cute trends of Spring 2022, you'll discover the perfect balance to make the 2022 spring season your personal runway and your time to shine.

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