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When people start home renovations, they typically start with the interior design and structure. People will spend months picking out windows and considering gas water heater venting options but never stop to look out their window. There is some sense in redoing the inside of your home first as that is where you spend the most time, but do not forget to make your outdoor spaces as pretty as the inside of your house. Outside space design uses different tools and plans than interior design, so you could be starting from scratch when it is time to redo the backyard. While your geographic location somewhat limits your options for landscapes, there are still plenty of ideas to turn any outdoor safe into a perfect home retreat. Do not be afraid to get creative and steal inspiration from other projects so you can build the best backyard for you and your family. There is no wrong way to make your backyard your own, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Consider How You Currently And Plan To Use The Space

Consider How You Currently And Plan To Use The Space

When you start thinking about new designs for a space, it can be easy to get carried away and think you will change your everyday lifestyle to suit the space instead of the other way around. If you have been using your backyard as a storage place or a simple area to relax outside, do not invest too much money building a custom plater bed unless you are ready to commit to a new hobby. There is nothing wrong with being aspirational to change your habits or take up a new hobby, but do not throw a ton of money at the idea until you are more confident.


Also, consider how much space you have to work with, as a hot tub will only fit if there is room. Only having a small space to work with does not mean you are overly restricted, though, as there are plenty of space-efficient ideas that will still make your yard look its best. Vertical gardens can add greenery without having to give up ground space, and an overhead structure is perfect for hanging lights on while adding more structural interest.

Responsible Landscaping

Most people pick out landscaping simply based on looks, as everyone wants the right flowers, plants, and colors for their backyard, but this is not the most responsible way to go about it. Not all species of plants are native to your area, some plants require a lot of care to keep alive, and some plants are so aggressive they will choke off and kill other plants in the same garden. It is worth doing your research at a local nursery so you can be confident with your choices. Even simple outdoor plants will not work with a plant it and forget it routine as these living plants need routine care to thrive. Do not waste your money on expensive plants that take more routine work than you are willing to put in. You can still use non-native and aggressive species, but they should be in a contained planter rather than planted into the ground so you can control any spread. It would be best if you also were careful with trees or plants that will grow a significant amount as you might run into height issues in the future.

A Build A Classic Deck

Build A Classic Deck

One of the most iconic parts of an ideal backyard is the classic wooden deck. You will need a good amount of room to build up a deck, but it can be a perfect place to relax outside once the construction is done. You can also get creative with your wood selection and stain color before the whole deck is sealed to protect against weather. If you are not experienced with building projects, you should talk to a professional for help as you need your deck to be structurally sound and pretty. Do not expect your deck to be finished in one day either; consider if you are ready for construction for a little bit before your yard is done as changing plants or painting the siding are much faster projects you could do instead.

Your backyard should be just as pretty and put together as the inside of your house, and there are many ways you can redo the space to make it perfect. Consider how you currently use your outdoor space and how you will use it in the future to make your plans. Take the learn about responsible landscaping and evaluate how much work you are willing to do to take care of plants long-term. A classic deck is always a good option for a new backyard design, but make sure you have enough room and time for the construction.

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