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Beauty from Inside Out: Take a Look at What you are Eating

by Naomi Shaw 05 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Wellness and Beauty

It’s past time when we all started looking at beauty from a perspective of wellness. Instead of asking what inspired someone’s makeup or fashion choices, we should be asking, “What are you doing right to keep you looking so beautiful!” If you were to ask this question, the most common answer will likely be closely associated with exercise and healthy eating habits. It’s time to take a page from this book, and seek out healthier foods!

Relation between beauty and what you eat

What you eat and how you look and feel are closely related. Any imbalance on the inside will affect the look of skin, hair and nails on the outside. Your skin is particularly susceptible to imbalances, with things like acne, patches or blotchy skin or dry flaky patches the first indicator that something is off. If you pay attention to what your body is telling you, it will be easier to seek out the healthy foods that will help repair these, and other issues.

What affects your overall wellness?

Thinking of each part of your body and the corresponding food or vitamin that will help might be overwhelming. It’s important to start thinking about wellness from a holistic perspective. Take stock of a few elements of your daily life, to help determine what lifestyle and food changes you need to make to live your best, healthiest, and most beautiful life.

 Calmness and Peace

Stress – Stress can affect your mood, general self-esteem, and even bodily changes like weight and skin outbreaks. Stress has even been known to cause rashes or drain energy. If you think that stress might be an issue for you, you aren’t alone. Reach out on the internet, or talk to friends or partners about ways you can reduce the stresses in your life. Don’t forget to try new foods that are proven to help reduce stress, like sweet potatoes, kimchi, artichokes or eggs.

Poor nutrition – Poor nutrition creates imbalance, that paves the way to a decline in health. Make sure you are getting the medically recommended amount of veggies, fruits and healthy fats per day. If you aren’t sure how to create a balanced diet, choose a reputable medical facility, for example, the Mayo Clinic, and read up on their recommendations.


Lack of sleep – If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you aren’t at your best the next day, but many don’t know that lack of sleep is closely associated with saggy skin, bags under the eyes, or even dark circles. Put more emphasis on your rest and relaxation time in the upcoming year, and try shutting off your devices, or reading for an hour before bed. Some people are doubling down on relaxation by getting a pair of wireless headphones, to ensure they get enough rest and focus to be productive and healthy.

Imbalanced bacteria – Many dieters are asking, what is sibo?” When you make a healthy change in your diet, and the toxins in your body start to die out, you may get flu-like Sibo symptoms. This is your body restoring balance, and toxins disappearing. They typically only last a day or two. Stick with it, and after a few days you will feel healthier and more balanced than ever.

Lack of exercise – Too little exercise means less flexibility, energy and even slower blood circulation and lower levels of oxygen in your body. IT’s important to give your skin, nails, bones and organs as much physical activity as possible. Adopting a great exercise routine is a great way to ensure that both your body and mind are as healthy as possible, and to clear out clogged pores and reduce the number of blemishes on your skin. Even hair looks more lustrous after a workout, so go out and sweat today!

Toxic environments – Toxic environments are proven to cause hair loss or graying, skin sagging and even bacterial infections! A toxic environment goes well beyond the chemicals in your home. Just as you want to clear out pore clogging and energy sapping chemicals like tars and oils from your home, you want to clear toxins from your mind. Make sure you have your own peaceful space, where you feel safe and productive, and ensure that you clear out anything that is standing in the way of your happiness and health.

Embrace beauty from the inside out

The best beauty tip anyone can give you is to love yourself and your body, and treat yourself kindly. Take time today to first, tell yourself how beautiful you are, and then to make a plan on how to enhance your natural beauty and energy. The more healthy your daily environment, the more healthy your skin, nails, hair and even your mind.

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