How to Choose the Right Gemstone for Your Man's Wedding Band

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You discovered your everlasting love and pulled off the proposal. Congrats! Now it's time for you and your spouse to choose wedding rings. If you're searching for something out of the usual, gemstone wedding rings are a unique and gorgeous alternative to a classic ring. Whether you want a burst of color or integrate your birthstone, a gemstone wedding ring allows you to express your style. Here are things to consider while looking for gemstone wedding rings so that you can pick the right set for your milestone day.

1. Style

The style you're pursuing will greatly affect the metal you pick. If you prefer the classic, conventional style, yellow gold will be your best selection. Silver-hued metals seem more contemporary and elegant while yet preserving a traditional aesthetic. If you want something unusual and edgy, alternative metals will often be your best choice. Remember that you'll most likely be wearing this ring every day for the rest of your life, so consider long-term and select something you believe you'll feel comfortable with down the road.

You may add a little shine and elegance to a wedding ring simply by adding a few jewels. Diamonds and sapphires are often the most popular gemstones for men's wedding rings since they are durable enough for everyday use. These stones are not particularly dear in tiny sizes, but the craftsmanship might add to the cost.

Agate is considered a protecting stone. It is thought to attract strength and protect against bad nightmares, tension, and the draining of vitality. Agate is believed to balance energy and stimulate skills.

Opal is often considered a stone strongly related to emotions, particularly love and passion. Additionally, mens opal rings symbolize spontaneity, creativity, dreams, and healing.

Actinolite is well-known for its metaphysical powers. It is a good stone for physical and spiritual healing and may balance any of the chakras. It is utilized to balance the heart's energy and provides calming energies and awareness.

2. Establish A Budget

There is a multitude of men's wedding ring types available at every price range, depending on the style, metal, and finish you pick. A wedding band is a significant expenditure, and your budget will influence the ring you choose to say "I do." By establishing a reasonable budget early on, you can thoroughly examine your options and feel confident in your purchase. The typical cost of a men's wedding band is between $750 and $1,500, depending on the design and metal chosen. That being said, there are no hard and fast laws about the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding ring; what matters most is that you and your spouse are comfortable with the amount you are spending!

3. Durability

This is a critical factor to consider when purchasing your wedding ring. The longevity of your ring will dictate how often you can wear it, how frequently you'll need to clean it, and if you'll ever need to adjust it. Each wedding ring metal has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability.

Among the most durable materials are tungsten, titanium, tantalum, and cobalt, suitable for someone who lives an active lifestyle and has active hands. These are also relatively economical possibilities, but they lack the prestige associated with traditional metals.

Platinum is the most durable precious metal, although it scratches easily and acquires a patina over time.

It is entirely dependent on the alloy with gold since gold is very malleable. The lesser the purity of gold, the more powerful the metal. Thus, a 14k gold ring will be stronger than an 18k gold ring, but a 9k gold band will be stronger but may lack the color you like. While white gold is less expensive than platinum, it does need annual rhodium plating.

Durability has an effect on the metal's ability to be resized. Certain metals, such as tungsten, are very hard to resize, which means that if your fingers grow in size over time, you may need to replace the ring entirely. In comparison, gold and platinum may be resized readily. 

Time to Shop

When it comes to wedding bands, men are not usually spoiled with choice. Typically, they are limited to one or two men's wedding ring types made of gold, platinum, or tungsten. Fortunately, the era of dull men's wedding rings has ended. Men are no longer compelled to choose a traditional gold wedding ring. Modern jewelers understand that men, like women, want to flaunt their flair and personalities.


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