• 8 Accessories Every Woman Should Own

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    8 Accessories Every Woman Should Own
    Do you own awesome accessories? Well, you should. Rachel Zoe, designer and stylist to the Hollywood stars said this: "Accessories are everything. To me, they’re more important than the clothes." She's right. When you have some fab accessories, you can create a number of ensembles that are unique, head-turning, and show off your signature style. Our shopping pros have a list of "8 Accessories...
  • 5 Ways to Have Your Jewelry Represent Your Personality

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    5 Ways to Have Your Jewelry Represent Your Personality
    The way you dress and interact with people is defined by your aesthetic character from your choice of clothing to the way you present yourself in the public eye. Each piece of jewelry you wear represents part of your personality. It's accented by the various pieces of jewelry you choose to wear each day, which makes it essential to be more aware of what...
  • Creative Holiday Gifts

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    Creative Holiday Gifts
    Time is running out for holiday shopping…and to check off your gift-buying list! There is almost always one or two on the list that make buying the perfect gift difficult. Maybe they have everything or perhaps they are just really picky.
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