Once Upon A Prom- 10 Fashions to Know


By Naomi Shaw

Once Upon A Prom - 10 Fashions To Know

Spring is in the air and for many high school students around the country that means prom. From the time we were young girls, many of us have envisioned prom as a magical evening crafted from a mashup of fairy tales and 80’s romcoms. As the night approaches, promposals, dresses, hair do’s, and flowers suddenly become the talk around the hallways, classrooms, and cafeterias. Suddenly, we find ourselves in decision mode as we scramble to get ready for the crowning night of our year.

Whether we are going stag with friends or have a dream date lined up, preparing for prom can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many of us can’t wave a wand or summon a fairy godmother to help us craft the perfect ensemble to guarantee us a magical evening. Thankfully, the following prom fashion guide can help us find the right dress and accessories so we can enjoy the dance and festivities without worry.

Once Upon A Prom: 10 Fashions to Know

It’s okay to blush. One of the hottest color trends is blush and prom fashion is embracing these lighter hues. When paired with the right accessories, blush garments are a welcome freshness and really stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry if you want a little bling, blush sequin and beaded gowns are available to help you shine on the big night.

Black is back! Every year we hear that a new color is the new black. Well, it has finally happened, black is back as a timeless wardrobe piece. Choose an edgy black dress to make a statement and flatter your figure. For added glamour, consider using a stark contrast color to accent your dress or flowers.

Get separated. Two piece dresses are making a big splash among the prom scene featuring a crop top with an elegant skirt. This ensemble is tasteful and glamorous, displaying just a little bit of skin at the waist. This must have dress style comes in a variety of colors and cuts to make it easy for you to make a grand entrance and show off your style.

The back is where it’s at. While the fronts of most dresses get to be the focal points of the ensembles, more designers are using cut outs, bows, straps, and other features to make the back of a dress standout. Take advantage of these new designs to find a dress that looks great from all angles on the dance floor.

Channel your inner princess. As our favorite fairy tales are making a come back on the big screen, so are their princess inspired fashions. If you like, you can literally be the “Belle” of the ball. The main drawback, however, is that prince charming is not included with purchase.

Once Upon A Prom - 10 Fashions To Know

Embrace pockets. Prom night can be busy and carrying around your phone, keys, or money is a necessity. However, many dresses and small clutches make this a difficult task. Thankfully, a lot of dressmakers are hearing our cries for help and are adding pockets to the skirts. If you want to carry around your phone for all those perfect selfie ops, consider choosing a style with pockets.

Get the perfect fit. Finding the perfect dress is magical! However, if it doesn’t fit your body properly the dress can be uncomfortable and look frumpy. Ask the store for alterations or keep looking until you find one that fits your body correctly. A few extra dollars spent on hemming or taking in a dress can transform your dress and confidence. You can go from “aghh” to “awe” with just a few seams.

Flower power isn’t just for hippies. From delicate roses to striking lilies, floral prints are versatile for creating stunning dresses. Depending on your style, you can pick dresses featuring soft pastels or vibrant large flowers to create the perfect look for prom.

Don’t overlook braids. Braided hairstyles are the perfect do for prom, because they don’t fall flat or lose their curl after a night of dancing and post prom parties. These styles are easily adaptable, working with a variety of hair types and face shapes. You can pull off an edgy or romantic style with a few tweaks of a classic braid.

Don’t get pinned with bad corsages. Nothing says prom more than awkward photos of couples with corsage poses. Thankfully, gone are the days of pinning cumbersome flowers onto our expensive dresses. Consider purchasing corsages that are worn around the wrist, upper arm, or go with a simple bouquet. 


Once Upon A Prom - 10 Fashions To Know

What type of dress will you be wearing to your prom?

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